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When it comes to acquiring new knowledge, the traditional approach is to rely on degree programs. However, as most of us are already overwhelmed with many tasks, that route is becoming far less appealing. Today, learning something new and sharpening your existing skill-set can be low-cost and less time consuming, without sacrificing the benefits of traditional degree programs. The trick is to approach learning in more manageable chunks as a life-long learner.


Performance Consulting

In the last couple of years, performance improvement has become a key focus area for organizations across the world. In order to maintain a competitive advantage and increase their company’s market share, business leaders are increasingly investing in performance consulting.

As experts in business and human performance technology, we specialize in enhancing employees' performance. We collaborate with organizations to diagnose performance problems and recommend solutions in order to achieve the highest return on investments.

IT Training

Montreal Networks inc. provides the flexibility of choosing between standard or “Customize your own” IT training. We understand the importance of enhancing specific skills to fulfill your distinguished needs. Our trainings include but not limited to:

  • Microsoft Office
    • Network Fundamentals
    • Cabling
    • Programming languages
    • Website hosting and management
    • Social media management
    • Using social media for business
    • Hosting effective remote meetings

Tailored Training Solutions

Customized learning objectives grounded in rapid needs analysis of learners' desired achievement

Standard Training Solutions

Works best for individuals who desire to join a group of learners. Group learning is the best strategy to exchange diverse professional experiences in a learning environment


Ideal for up to three learners who need to control their own training schedules and want to reach their learning objectives in a shorter period of time


Educational Technology Services

We believe that every business is unique, and unique businesses have different training needs.  We therefore take the responsibility to provide tailored training to fulfill these requirements.

Through analyzing the business needs, we determine the best training methods, along with designing best practices training manuals, to help your business grow in the right direction, and achieve the maximum return on investment.

User Manuals

Simple instructions that guide learners to reach their learning objectives

Job Aids

Help learners retain information and go through the steps they have learned while doing their job


Follow up with the team, managers, and customers procedure. Evaluate the training result.

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